Graffiti en Granada

Granada does not only offer its monumental spaces, the Sun, the beach or snow. A new attraction has been developing during last years, the 'street art', with countless quality graffitis. This situation is quite curious since city policy has declared war on this practice, though there are travel portals on the internet even showcasing Granada as the "Mecca of street art" and has been chosen as the most interesting Spanish city to see good graffiti.

Most of the people travel to Granada to visit the Alhambra, but the "granainos" are well aware that this is not the only treasure that houses the Andalusian city. Here, Graffiti is not offensive, but quite the opposite, and blends perfectly with the oldest areas of the city, as its narrow streets of stone. Therefore, granada is a city of contrasts: is one of the oldest cities of the Iberian peninsula, but in turn encloses modern areas with a quality urban art.

Among the areas cited as a showcase for this urban art are the neighborhoods of Realejo and the Albaicín, the Cuesta Escoriaza, Molinos Street, the Vistillas Street in los Angeles or the walls of the School Santo Domingo de Guzmán. Also decorated business gates can be found here, and it is advisable to go for a stroll early in the morning (or late at night after a nice pub crawl , before they open, to enjoy these works.

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