Arabic Granada

The magnificence of the Alhambra brings millions of visitors to Granada from all over the world. But for those who are genuinely interested in the Islamic past of Spain, Granada has a lot more to offer besides the magnificent palaces of the Alhambra. From the history of the Moorish state of  Al-Andalus to the present day local Muslim community, from … Read more

Feria de Granada

Every Andalusian city has it. Everyone spends the whole year looking forward to it. Everybody is planning their best outfit for it. Every year with the spring’s welcoming warmth it is here. What are we talking about? The fantastic Ferias of Andalusia!

Granada also has its own classic Andalusian Feria. This year (2013) the Feria of Granada will take place … Read more

The flamenco of Sacromonte

The story goes flamenco was born in the caves of Sacromonte, the gypsy neighbourhood in the northern part of the city of Granada. You can ask any Granadino! Of course, in reality nobody knows exactly where flamenco has sprung. Some scholars claim it originates from Islamic chants, others believe it has its roots in Byzantine melodies. Others again say … Read more