Will you be in Granada in July? Do you have the energy to enjoy even more of Granada?

You can´t miss the chance to see the most famous and absolutely amazing circus in the world, the Great Circo del Sol!


Cirque du Soleil in Granada

Circo del Sol, also called Cirque du Soleil or the Circus of the Sun, has visited many places on tour and has amazed, fascinated and delighted audiences all over the world (100 million in over 300 cities on five continents). In recent years, the Circo del Sol has had shows in many countries, including Spain.

The first time that Spain experienced this awesome circus was with the show "Alegría" in 1998. When the Circo del Sol came to Spain they captivated everyone and above all, made ​​many entirely change their view of the circus world.

And once again the Circo del Sol is coming to our beloved Granada as part of the tour for their new show "Dralion".

There will be five days to enjoy this new number that gets its name from mixing two animals: the dragon which represents the East, and the lion symbolizing the West.

This show is a harmonious blend of Eastern and Western acrobatic prowess, inspired by Eastern philosophy of human beings and nature. This display includes the four elements of nature portrayed in human form and represented by colour. Red is fire, green is water, blue is air, and earth is ocher.

You can enjoy the show from Wednesday, July 23 to Sunday, July 27 at the Municipal Sports Palace in Granada.

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