Guide to the best nights out at Granada’s clubs

Each year there are millions of Spaniards as well as international students coming on exchange at the University of Granada. This, of course, also creates a lively night life with a lot of things going on. Especially in the weekends where there are no class the day after and no books to be read. Even if you are only here for a couple of nights you will not miss out on this great little city’s crazy nights, dancing until you can’t walk and singing until you have no voice. We give you the guide to the best clubs in Granada!

Let our descriptions and the map below help you explore the coolest clubs in town!

Mae West

Mae West is one of the most fashionable and best-looking nightclubs in Granada, for this reason you need to dress-up a bit to get in. The décor is far- east themed and the nightclub is covered in wood. Mae West plays commercial pop music, but generally attracts a classy crowd in all ages. Although it can get very crowded on weekends, it has 2 floors, the first of which has 3 rooms where there are playing everything from commercial pop, dance, Spanish music. The drinks are slightly more expensive than at other nightclubs, around 7 euros, but the entrance (before 2am) is reasonable at 10 euros including 2 drinks.

El Camborio

If you are in Granada for only one night, go to El Camborio! It’s a special nightclub with an even more special and spectacular view of the Alhambra. El Camborio is based slightly far from the city centre in a cave in Sacromonte but it is worth the visit. The atmosphere is really friendly and attracts the Erasmus crowd as well as plenty of locals. It is separated in two rooms one of which makes you feel like you are inside a cave and plays Spanish music. The other is located inside a larger more conventional space where they play commercial music. Entrance costs 8 euros with a drink and there is also a large terrace to relax on in the afternoon.

Thursday is ladies night which means free entry and an open bar for girls before midnight. Friday is Erasmus night…Don´t miss out on that! It will be fantastic!

Granada 10

Granada 10 is one of the oldest nightclubs in the Granada. During the daytime it is also opens as a cinema therefore it has the spectacular look as a traditional movie theatre inside!  Granada 10 plays commercial pop music from all around the world and is most lively on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. It is popular with younger Granadinos eager to socialize and the environment is less international than other clubs such as El Camborio and Mae West. Wednesday is ladies night which means free entry and an open bar before midnight for girls. If you ´like´ Granada 10´s page on Facebook it gets you free entry or a discount on certain nights, otherwise the entry will set you back 10 euros including 2 drinks. Not bad, right?

Forum Plaza

New and shiny, Forum Plaza still has a lot to prove as a nightclub but is fast becoming one of the most exclusive nights out in the city. The atmosphere is classy and the club is generally frequented by an older crowd of Spaniards. The interior decoration consists of a large number of booths lit up with fluorescent lights which change color according to the rhythm of the music which tends to be commercial in the tasteful way! The fancy cocktails are slightly more pricey than at some of the other clubs in the city, and the entrance are 15 euros on the weekends.


Kapital is a big, modern-looking and centrally located nightclub which doesn’t get overcrowded like the big clubs in the weekends. The club attracts a crowd under 30s ready to socialize. Within Kapital there are 2 distinct environments. One of its 2 rooms plays commercial pop, house and dance music and the other different Spanish music. There are dance platforms and bars throughout the club. The entrance is 5 euros including a drink which is relatively cheap.

Wednesday is Erasmus night, and Thursday is students’ night.


Sala Principe

Sala Principe is relatively small club a little bit away from the city center. But it is still a worthwhile night out! The bare brick walls and balconies which surround the dance floor are amazingly beautiful! It generally attracts a young and better-off crowd and it is perhaps the reason why drinks prices inside are a little higher than at some other places. There are female dancers on either side of the DJ and the music varies between commercial pop, 80s and 90s. You also need to dress nicely to get in but the entrance is only 10 euros with 1 drink.

Aliatar Café

Located on top of the clothing shop Blanco, Aliatar Café does not immediately appear to look like a nightclub, but the atmosphere inside is one of the true clubs. Commercial music is played throughout the one room which is covered in fluorescent lights. Aliatar is a good place to socialize and the entrance is normally only 6 euros with a drink!