A hiker’s tips to Granada

Has the strolling around the city not tired you out? Were the hills of the Albaicin and the tours to the Sacromonte Caves a piece of cake? Do you not really fancy  a day of skiing but would like to do something different during your stay in Granada…..

Why not try out some hiking in the beautiful surroundings of Granada! In good weather, with a decent picnic in your backpack you may discover behind every corner another breathtaking landscape that will stay with you long after you leave the province.

We give here you a hiker’s best tips to discover the best parts of the nature around Granada. The first starts off directly in Granada; in order to get to the second and third, you need to take a bus.

Hiking in the olive hills behind the city

This is the perfect hiking tour if you don’t want to organize anything and just leave the city behind you, marching on your own two feet. From Plaza Nueva you just keep on walking up “Paseo de los Tristes” and follow it until it turns into “Camino de Sacromonte” which will lead you out of the city through the caves of Sacromonte.

From then on, you can take any way that’s leading you up in the green hills appearing to your left. You could for example follow the little street that leads up along the soccer field to your left, and take the path that starts behind the “Museo de la Abadía de Sacromonte”.

A lot of paths cross these hills and just feel free to follow your instincts! Enjoy the view to the snowy Sierra Nevada to the one side or the now so small seeming Alhambra and Granada to the other side…

Hiking at the Monachil Waterfalls

Monachil is a small village outside Granada but the area is also famous as its part of the Natural Park of Sierra Nevada. Here you can experience incredible waterfalls and beautiful natural surroundings throughout the year.
Take the bus (Nº 183) from the center of Granada. The bus leaves you in the center of Monachil. From there you just follow the main road that leads straight into the mountains. Don’t be surprised when the road gets narrower past gardens and small houses. If you are in doubt that you are on the right track, ask for “Los Cahorros” or just take any path that leads to the river.
You will then enter at the first part of the “National Park de la Sierra Nevada”.

It opens up to the impressive views of narrow gorges and jagged cliffs, where you might have to crawl on your knees on the path by the river or hold on to the iron handles built into the low-hanging canyon walls. You can also trek over the massive mountain slopes, on top of which the vegetation comes to a halt.

At the last bridge when you get out of the canyon, it’s up to you.  You can either cross to the other side of the river and take a left back to Monachil, or you get even more adventurous by walking further through the valley and follow the various paths around the mountains – depending how you feel at this point – and enjoy the panorama.

As long as you can see the river at the bottom of the gorge, you shouldn´t get too lost.

Hiking in La Alpujarra

“La Alpujarra” is a region in the south of the Sierra Nevada which is perfect if you are big hiking fan. There is a huge variety of trails through the entire region. At the Alpujarras are small Moorish villages located between the mountains of Sierra Nevada.  You will find the spiraling through a breath-taking landscape of green slopes with terrasses, deep valleys, rivers and delightful white mountain valleys. So you can both enjoy the amazing views in the mountains and the interesting small villages during your hike.

If you are just planning on going there for one day, you can do a hike which relates to these three villages: Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira. There are three buses a day which will take you from Granada central bus station to the Alpujarras. Take the bus in direction Trevelez (final station). On the way the bus will stop in Pampaneira, Bubión and Capileira. Depending on how you want to do your hiking you can get off at Pampaneira and do the trail from the bottom to the top: Pampaneira – Bubión – Capileira. Or you can take the bus all the way to Capileira if you prefer to descend the route the other way down: Capileira – Bubión – Pampaneira.

For detailed information, check out http://www.alpujarras.eu/walking-paths.html.