Top 5 of tapas bars in Centro Granada

In the center of Granada you can find many different amazing tapas bars with both classic dishes as well as specialist fusions that you just can´t find anywhere else!

Be aware that the area around the cathedral is very touristic and due to this the bars can be overpriced with average tapas. But don´t worry! If you know where to go, you can definitely find many nice and cozy bars with a delicious selection of tapas in “Centro Granada”. Here are our top 5 recommendations for nice tapas bars in the centre. For sure there is something for every different taste.

Let the map below help and inspire you to get the best out of a night out for tapas in Centro Granada. Enjoy!


This is the place to go if you are searching for a special bar that only an insider from Granada would know! It is a hidden gem in the centre of Granada boasting some of the best multicultural food in the city.

Poë has a cozy and relaxed atmosphere but at the same time the service is quick and efficient. The owners are proud of their different and special tapas, inspired from cultures all over the world. The food is delicious, unique and best of all spicy – something you don’t find often in Spain. The menu also includes two very good vegetarian options, a homemade chickpea salad or an option of Italian seasoned veggies.

Poë is a hot spot for both Spanish and Erasmus students in Granada. It fills up very quickly as soon as they open the doors in the evening. It is therefore a good idea to get there early if you want to grab a seat. However don’t be afraid to stay awhile and hang out in the bar before getting a good seat.


Babel is the perfect place to start your night out in Granada! It is located on the famous “tapas street” Calle Elvira. Calle Elvira (the best place to try out a selection of tapas bars) and Babel should for sure be on your list of places to explore!

Babel offers unique world fusion cuisine and a substantial vegetarian menu. The atmosphere is trendy and chilled and it feels more like a bar than a lot of other tapas bars around Granada. The food is an interesting mixture of different cuisines and often has a beautiful presentation, but don´t let that fool you- the beer and wine are flowing and the cocktails are strong. Babel is one of the tapas bars where you get to choose your own tapas so take a careful look at their different tapas on the menu– and if the first one wasn’t to your taste, why not get another beer and try some other tapas?

Babel generally attracts a crowd of mixed ages, both tourists, international students and native Spanish.

Bar Reca

It is located just behind the cathedral in Plaza Trinidad, a beautiful little square surrounded with small tapas bars. Bar Reca is an elegant little bar with a combination of modern and classic Spanish tapas.

The bar is small and very popular among Spanish people for its combination of traditional Spanish dishes and the more modern inspired tapas such as mini hamburgers. It quickly fills up in the evenings attracting a variety of people, from business men to students taking time to stop for a drink and chat. The atmosphere is relaxed even though it can be very loud from time to time depending on how busy it is.

At Bar Reca you will get your tapas served after ordering your drink and the portions that you get are pretty big for tapas. Bar Reca is the right place to spend a little bit more time and order a few more drinks because they live by the old tapas rule: the more you order, the better the tapas get!


Paprika is a hidden oasis for vegetarians and people. It is located in the far end of Calle Elvira nearby Puerta de Elvira, a more quiet and relaxed part of the street.

Paprika is not a classic tapas bar but more a restaurant for “proper” meals. Don’t worry as you will also get a super delicious tapas if you just order yourself a drink. Since it is not a tapas bar you don’t get to choose your tapas but they literally give you a little taster of what their kitchen is made of – all the best from the world of vegetables! Just the way the tapas are meant to be!

They specialize in high quality vegetarian dishes and on the menu you will find dishes from all over the world! So why not try a special meal after your tapas, for example, a Spanish Salmorejo (cold soup) makes a great starter! For a main dish why not try an authentic stir fry, that could make you think you were in Thailand? All the dishes and tapas at Paprika are amazing and you will not be disappointed if you enjoy vegetarian food!

Paprika is a really good place to have a great lunch at the outdoor tables in their small sidewalk on a sunny day or why not spend the evening together with friends inside in the cozy atmosphere of their lounge room?


This is a perfect example of the melting pot that is Granada. Despite having a distinctive Arabic interior and delicious Moroccan cuisine, Omkalsum does not comply with traditional Muslim culture, and goes for offering alcoholic drinks to its visitors. Importantly, it also follows the tradition of free tapas in Granada.

At Omkalsum you can order a very Spanish Sangria for your drink, and at the same time has a very Arabic Couscous, Tajine, or Falafel for your tapas. ¡Perfecto!

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