The paradise of tapas

Granada is known as “the true paradise of tapas!” Do you know why? In almost every bar in Granada there is the deal that for every drink you order you get a free tapa!

Let's say you ordered a caña (a small glass of beer) with that you get a free tapa! A second beer, another tapa, a third beer, yet another tapa... it is amazing, right?

Tapas were meant to be a way for the visitors in the bars to taste what kind of food the kitchen made. With that the bars hoped that people would order more food after the first drink. However in Granada it has become almost a sport to go out to the different tapas bars and try out the variety of tapas available. Are you ready to join the tapas team and explore this tapas paradise?

The selection of tapas bars in Granada is pretty impressive. You can see traditional Spanish bars, Portuguese and Arabic style cafes. Or if you prefer what about a vegetarian place or even a tapas bar with spicy tapas? Most of the bars have a good variety of choices on their menus. So if the first tapa of the evening wasn't your "cup of tea", no problem, simply ask for a second drink and get a different tapa. Don't be afraid to pop in to some random bars, because this is how new hidden gems can be discovered. Going out and enjoying some drinks with tapas in Granada won't cost you a fortune because both beers and wines are pretty cheap – around 2 euros each.

From bar to bar they have their different way of giving out the free tapas. Some places they will just serve you a different tapa for each drink you order, while at other bars you can choose your own tapa from a little menu of different things. In most places you can also order can extra tapa from the menu without having to keep on drinking.

Handy tapas vocabulary:

Caña – small beer
Tubo – normal beer
Jarra – pint
Copa de vino – glass of wine

Join our free tapas tour at Granada Inn every night on the patio. Because tapas are just better in good company!

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