Delicious Food in Granada - Top 5 typical dishes

Granada is a unique gastronomical destination in Spain. There are a lot of delicious and yummy food that you can taste only in granada!


Piononos are small pastries traditional from Santafe, a small town adjacent to the city of Granada. A pionono has two parts: a thin layer of pastry rolled into a cylinder, fermented with different kinds of syrup which give the pionono a sweet and pleasant texture, crowned with toasted cream. It is typically eaten in one or two bites.

Jamón de Trevelez

Trevélez ham is a kind of spanish ham that has been produced and processed in the southeast of the provice of Granada. The village is famous for the quality of ham Trevélez, attributable to its climate , which makes the Granada town a 'pantry' where the hams are cured naturally.
White spot between muscle and mass is considered to good quality.
Fat melts easily in the mouth and goes well with meat giving it a very special flavor
And it also helps you lower cholesterol levels in the blood.

Olla de San Antón

The pot of San Antón is a typical stew especially in the province of granada. It is stew with a lot of beans, rice and sausage. It is a stew that uses several parts of the pig in its preparation. Among the meats used in their preparation is the ear, the spinem the mask, the tail and so on. The vegetables used are usually a mixture of beans and beans. As you can check gredients, It is very healthy food. And It will make your body warm.

Tortilla del Sacromonte

The tortilla Sacromonte is an omelette made with calf, truffles and other types of offal. This is a very popular tortilla in Granada cuisine. The tortilla is usually also carry small portions of nuts, peas and bread crumbs. Some recipes include pieces of Trevélez ham, potatoes and sausage . This dish is assigned to the gypsy community of Granada , in particular those living in the neighborhood of Sacromonte.

Patatas a lo pobre

This is fried potato with brown onion and garlic. After frying potato and onion untill it`s colors turn to brown, all food will be gone by impregnating the vinegar and oil It`s yummy and also good for health!

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